Booking Conditions

To make a reservation, you can contact us in several ways; directly in our store, by phone, by email, through our website, or through an approved agent.

The provisional reservation is made in writing and has a validity of 5 working days until formalized upon receipt of the payment of the signal. During this time, other reservations of other customers can be accepted without prior notice, and neither party is legally bound to a contract until the payment of the signal is received and confirmed.

The signal value is 50% of the total value of the service and is calculated on the basis of a total indicative value.

The remaining amount must be received no later than 10 business days prior to the event. After this deadline, we do not guarantee the event.

Bookings made less than 5 working days, may be subject to an emergency rate of 10% on the final value.

If you wish to change or cancel your day charter, the right to a refund is limited. Cancellation / refund requests must be in writing and cannot be made verbally. No refunds will be issued in response to verbal cancellations.

Canceled reservations may be reinstated at current prices, subject to availability, current package inclusions, and reintegration rates. Charges and fees for products, services, attractions or tours to be offered in addition to the charter base package are not refundable. Non-refundable expenses include but are not limited to: fees for returned checks, reimbursement / cancellation / late fees, processing fees, booking change fees, transfer fees and travel protection premiums.

If, upon the issuance of the booking confirmation, you wish to make a change to your reservation, we will attempt to make the changes according to availability, provided that the notification is received in writing at our offices on behalf of the person responsible for the reservation, however we cannot guarantee the completion of the same and will be subject to price change if it applies.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Please consult each of the different programs.

In case of the presence of adverse weather conditions that can jeopardize the safety of the event, the amounts paid will be reimbursed to the client or a credit is made in favor of the client.

If the payment and/or reservation conditions are not satisfied by the client, ISEA reserves the right to cancel the event, without the right to any refund to the customer.