Portimão – Alvor

(85 NM … From Saturday 16PM to Saturday 11AM)

With a beautiful marina and sheltered spots for free anchoring, Portimão and Alvor, are a middle experience between day and night activities.
Portimão is in the Arade river mouth – here you can chose to sleep in the marina or in a free anchor beside the marina facilities. Also have the option to explore the river up to Silves in a small rib. The nightlife in Praia da Rocha and Alvor is also an attraction to complete your stay.

Alvor is an charismatic small fishing village with an anchor spot which permit to have this small village in one hand and beautiful beaches in the other; you can anchor at only 100 meters from them to take a relaxing sunbath in the morning or to dinner at night.

  1. Faro
  2. Portimão
  3. Alvor


Portimão - Alvor Map