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Ria Formosa is known as the Portuguese Caribbean with its White Sand Desert beaches and it’s Chrystal Clear waters.

It’s hard to decide which are the best places and beaches to visit and spend time at, but we are here to help you to choose which beaches are the best for you.

We have prepared our top 3 best beaches you should visit at least once when you visit us.

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Praia de Faro – Faro Beach
Faro Beach, also known as Faro Island, is actually the first peninsula that forms the barrier islands of the Ria Formosa and is the only one you can also access by car.
Although the beach is accessible right from the entrance of the island, if you walk just about 10 minutes, either east or west, you will find yourself on a perfect deserted beach, with nearly nobody next you.
If you decide to keep yourself at the main path, you will find a couple of really nice beach bars and restaurants, which are perfect for a light lunch, an afternoon snack, a sunset drink or even a nice dinner.

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Ilha Deserta – Desert Island
The most iconic of all beaches of the Ria Formosa, Ilha Deserta, with its near 8 km of extension is a must see for all reasons. This island is the only island of the Ria Formosa that is not populated and is known by its remoteness and its pure untouched nature.
The only existing structure in the island is its famous restaurant Estaminé, which is open all year. Here you can also find the most southerner point of Portugal, the Cape of Santa Maria.
To get there, the only way is by boat, and you can just hire a Boat Transfer or get one of our Boat Tours.

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Ilha da Culatra – Culatra Beach
Ilha da Culatra is a long expanse of soft golden sand surrounded by a nature reserve including sand dunes and spectacular salt flats. The water is not very deep, and you can run in shallow water about 20 m on the lagoon side.
The eastern end of the Culatra island beach, just before the inlet that separates the Culatra from the Armona Ilsland, is probably the most Instagrammable place of Ria Formosa. The beach combines its calm, shallow, blue waters, together with the white sand, create a paradisiac scenery.

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Set to go?!
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